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Besuto Prawn Crackers Unpack the Fun and Flavor 

Besuto prawn crackers have become a regular staple food on your dining table for several decades now.  The aroma and taste of Besuto crackers make it a dish in itself.  Since each pack makes a huge bowl of chips, each pack becomes your unlimited ulam for your unli rice! 

Caution:  These seafood appetizers can be addicting

Crackers This Good bring Unli-joy!

Vinegar and Beer Match

As the crackers are deep-fried in hot oil, within seconds the searing prawn crackers puff up and are downed with a helping of vinegar and a mug of ice cold beer.

Instant Party Crackers (Poppers?)

Busy as everyone is, why wait for special occasions to bring cheer to everyone?  Hands down and guaranteed:  Besuto prawn crackers become a treat for everyone.

Crackers Great Taste You Go Back To

Do you know the reason why cooking these crackers makes an ordinary day extraordinary? It is really quite simple. You get the joy of eating all 12 distinct flavors in individual packs!


All-time Crackling Epic Partner

Your perfect partner for all occasions! Make sure you have a pack of Besuto prawn crackers in your bag before going to any family gathering or if going on a date with a special someone.  They can stand alone as seafood appetizers or they can be added to seafood recipes.  Each pack of Besuto crackers guarantees a surefire enjoyable time! 

These Seafood Recipes are Freshness Sealed in a Bag


Besuto prawn crackers can be called “seafood recipes” in its own right. Since real seafood can be found inside the pellets, these seafood appetizers are considered seafood recipes! They’re easy to carry and easy to prepare.  You’ll only deep-fry them in seconds and voila, you have them hot and crispy crackers in any meal.  To date, there are 12 zesty flavors that are available in the market.  Some of the leading ones are these top 3 flavors below.

Fish Crackers

Prawn Crackers

Crab Crackers

Hot and Crispy Crackers in your Lunch!

Prawn crackers, also known as prawn chips and shrimp chips, are those tasty prawn-flavored chips (sometimes in pastel colors) that puff up when deep-fried. They originated and abound in Southeast Asia where some of the best cuisines can be found. Do you know that you can make Besuto prawn crackers the perfect ingredient for your favorite dishes? You don’t have to travel the world. You can bring the world to your kitchen.  

*Featured:  Asian Seafood Rice topped with Besuto Prawn Crackers. Original recipe by Chef Myla Angelo of Habihan School

What You Can Cook with Besuto Prawn Crackers

Besuto Prawn crackers are an easy snack food to prepare for both kids and adults alike. What you probably don’t know is that Besuto crackers can be combined as the “secret ingredient” to dishes. With it, every meal is a feast fit for a king. Its distinct Oriental flavor and thick crispness never fail to satisfy!

Pan-grilled Salmon Belly With Lemon-butter-garlic Sauce

Who could have thought Besuto prawn crackers can be hors d’oeuvres or small one-to-two-bite items that are served before dinner, usually accompanied by cocktails.


Gado-gado with Besuto Prawn Crackers

Nutrition should never be compromised when you serve the crackers. They enhance this rich variety of vegetable dish with tamarind sauce on the side.

Ganache with Besuto Prawn Crackers

Do you know that these seafood appetizers can also be a dessert? After tasting this ganache, you’ll never look and prepare crackers and desserts the same way again. You’ll have this new craving that stays!

"Before, it was always my worry on what to serve my teenaged kids. With Besuto, I never have to think twice. Laughters and joy are its direct results"


Sharmaine Loyola, 40

Wife and Mother of 5

"When I serve Besuto prawn crackers for office meetings, I not only save a lot. I also get positive outcomes afterwards"


Arnold Gamboa, 34

Software engineer of a startup

"Selling chips from my sari-sari store has changed ever since I introduced Besuto prawn crackers. I earn more."


Purita Delgado, 28

Store Owner in Marikina City

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