Flavorful Journey: Exploring the Philippines’ Best Uncooked Prawn Crackers

Ever wondered about the story behind Besuto? Chua Wan Po, the founder of Besuto Food Corporation, embarked on a flavorful journey after World War II. His vision and passion for flavor led to a brand recognized worldwide. From the 1940s to the 2020s, Besuto remains a staple in Filipino meals and celebrations.

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From Raw to Crispy: Unleash Flavor with Uncooked Prawn Crackers

From Chemistry to a Household Favorite

“Where to sell uncooked prawn crackers?”

This may not have been a common question in the pre-war era, but for Chua Wan Po, the founder of Besuto uncooked prawn crackers, it was the beginning of an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Chua Wan Po, also known as Patriarch Po, hailed from the Jinjiang province of mainland China, and his journey into the food business took an unconventional path, rooted in his love for chemistry.

His story can be compared to the founder of the Nissan instant ramen, Momofoku Ando whose main reason for going into food business was to feed his hungry countrymen during the post-war Japan.

In the early 1940s, as the world grappled with uncertainty and the impending war, many turned to the food industry as a means to make a quick profit through food rationing. However, Po had a different vision.

He saw an opportunity to offer something unique, something that would tantalize Asian taste buds with its flavors and scents.

His journey began by approaching a Spanish pharmacist in Legarda, Manila, seeking advice on seasoning and flavor combinations. His dedication to perfecting these flavors led to the birth of Hi-Q Commercial in Divisoria in 1942.


Prawn Crackers Before Cooked – The discovery

Po’s journey didn’t stop there. Over the next 50 years, he continued to experiment with additives and spices, venturing into snack foods. Door-to-door sales of cooked potato fries, fish crackers, and cuttlefish with seasoning became a common sight on the streets, as Po knew that everyone loved a good merienda.

His culinary endeavors also led him to the movie theaters, where he sold cooked prawn crackers. However, the foil packaging posed a challenge, causing the crackers to become stale and rancid. Po, the innovator that he was, sought a solution to this problem.

This is when the translucent, bite-sized pellets that we now know as Besuto uncooked prawn crackers came into existence. Po’s determination and ingenuity had given birth to a product that would soon captivate the taste buds of many.



Raw Prawn Crackers – Rising to fame

Besuto Prawn Crackers truly gained prominence in the 1980s, finding their way onto the shelves of major supermarkets. The power of advertising also played a significant role in their success, with beloved celebrities like German Moreno and Isabel Granada endorsing the product on the popular TV show, That’s Entertainment.

This exposure resonated with teenagers, who associated Besuto Prawn Crackers with fun, youthfulness, and delight.  Besuto prawn crackers rapidly became a household name, and for a good reason.

These delectable snacks became the perfect companion for all occasions, whether it was a movie night, a family gathering, or a simple afternoon snack. The legacy of Besuto prawn crackers continued to evolve, becoming an integral part of Filipino snack culture.



Besuto uncooked prawn crackers stand as a testament to the vision and perseverance of Chua Wan Po. His journey from seeking advice on seasoning in a pharmacy to creating a household favorite is a story of innovation, dedication, and a deep understanding of the Filipino palate.


Besuto prawn crackers have transcended generations, continuing to delight the taste buds of Filipinos young and old. They have become a symbol of tradition and a cherished part of Filipino snacking culture.


Do you know the reason why cooking Besuto prawn crackers makes an ordinary day extraordinary?  It’s really quite simple. You get the distinct delicious taste of seafood plus the happy memories you share with friends while enjoying them. 

Best Prawn Crackers Brand – The legacy

Today, the legacy of Besuto uncooked prawn crackers is a testament to the enduring appeal of a product born out of a passion for flavor, a dedication to quality, and an unwavering commitment to delighting customers. From their humble beginnings in Po’s laboratory to becoming a beloved household snack, Besuto prawn crackers have truly left an indelible mark on Filipino cuisine.


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