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Fish Crackers, Crab Crackers, Prawn Crisps?


Name your favorite flavor, we might just have it for you. Available in 3 boxes.

It doesn’t come as a surprise why Besuto prawn crackers have become a buzzword in family dinners.  It has been part of the family tradition.

Cooking these fish crackers, prawn crisps, and crab crackers have become an occasion for family bonding in the kitchen.  One cannot get enough of them.

Let’s face it.

Although there’s a wide variety of stacks of potato chips and sour cream dip, nachos and salsa at your local grocery store, there’s only one look and taste of Besuto prawn crackers that you keep coming back to.  

You love to prepare your very own Filipino-style fish crackers, crab crackers, or any type of seafood crackers that puff up magically.  Each batch is a unique crunch of prawn crackers that is paired up with a zesty bowl of vinegar.


The products we offer are ready-to-cook snack chips available in these boxes and packages. Each box is grouped according to the size of the Besuto packs and that determines the number of packs within the box. For our customer’s convenience, we color-coded each box:

100-gram packs per box

For 100-gram packs of Besuto, 100 packs can fit one carton or box.

250-gram packs per box

Sixty (60) Besuto packs of 250 grams each can fill up a medium-sized box. 

500-gram packs per box

Forty (40) packs of Besuto prawn crackers can already fit the largest box provided each pack weighs 500 grams.

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It is known as krupuk or kerupuk in Indonesia; keropok in Malaysia; … bánh ph?ng tôm in Vietnam and xiapian (“prawn chips”) in Chinese. It is also known as kroepoek in the Netherlands through its colonial link with Indonesia, and another of Nederlands’ former colonies, Suriname.

Krupukkerupuk, or kroepoek in Indonesia;  keropok in Malaysia; kropek in the Philippines;  bánh phồng tôm in Vietnam;  Prawn crackers in British English, shrimp chips or shrimp crackers in American EnglishNuvole di Drago (Dragon’s Clouds) in Italian, 炸庀虾片 (fried prawn crisps) in Chinese.   (Source: Wikipedia)

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