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High Protein Snacks that Give Energy

Counting these prawn Cracker calories can be as much fun as eating them

Nowadays, people are more conscious of what goes into their diet. Hence, to speak of high protein snacks and prawn cracker calories have become common among millennials and young chefs.  

These are more important to mothers who not only look after the nutrition in their children’s diet but also make sure they will eat what they are served.

If you look at the label at the back of each Besuto, you’ll read the prawn crackers nutritional information.

Truly Asian

Besuto may sound Japanese all right but it is entirely all-Filipino made and the unique taste of Japanese flavor that one finds in sushi and ramen.


A popular snack throughout the Philippines, Besuto Prawn Crackers come from the family of Kropek and the large variety of this delicacy can be traced from the Southeast Asian region.

Not so-secret ingredients

A chief contribution of the Besuto prawn cracker forefathers was the recipe of these translucent cracklings. Real prawns, flour and cassava are its major ingredients. Among its new, unique flavors that you would crave for are the Onion & Garlic, Garlic and Soy, Shoyu, and Hot Spice. 

Seafood variety in chips

Aside from prawns, there are other seafood that flavors these chips such as crab, squid and fish which are good sources of protein. Besuto prawn crackers are also a source of Omega 3. If you want to know the full nutrition low down, check out the statistics on these high protein snacks

Barbecue and Bacon = Pork

Where else can you find a snack food rich in protein that it can easily become an instant dish?  In big cities across the country, many are buying Besuto Prawn Crackers wholesale from major supermarkets.   Their reason: value for money.   

Each pack contains dozens of pellets that multiply when cooked.  A whole bowl full of light, fluffy shrimp and prawn chips beat any popcorn and corn chips for its flavor, texture and awesome taste.  It now has pork, barbecue and bacon among its 12 flavors.

Each pack of Besuto prawn crackers should come with a caution:  Eat at your own risk. Contents can be addicting.

12 Flavors of Crispy Goodness

Prawn Cracker Calories that Give Satisfaction Without the Heavy Feeling

From the light brown pellets more known locally as the uncooked Besuto prawn crackers when deep fried they literally pop open before one’s eyes. These small rectangular prawn crisps now come in 12 flavors. Their varied flavors match the taste bud and appetite of Filipinos the world over.  For those who are counting prawn cracker calories, the back label of each Besuto pack features its nutritional value.

Original Flavor

The pale pink, angular crackers were invented as a way to draw the flavor from real seafood in light, crispy chips while preserving the taste and nutrition. Four decades later since the launch of the original uncooked flavor, Besuto has become the people’s favorite snack food. 

Garlic and Soy (Rainbow chips)

A popular mainstay in parties, this garlic and soy flavor features the multicolored variety and becomes the life of the party. 

Standout green, pink, yellow, these Besuto prawn crackers bring instant cheer to anyone who gets his hands on them.


Eating pork minus the heavy feeling is what this flavor brings to your plate.  Drain your crackers from oil and serve. Best enjoyed with liquor, softdrinks or coffee.


White crab is very low in fat and particularly high in protein.  It has a delicate, sweet flavor, a sweet aroma and a naturally flaky texture.

The succulent crabmeat makes this particular Besuto flavor a most sought-after item among our fast-moving flavors.

Hot Spice

Perhaps one of our favorites, many Filipinos have discovered the distinct taste of Hot Spice.  Remember your mom’s kaldereta? How about Bicol Express?  What makes these dishes truly memorable is the hot spice that goes with a huge plate of steamy white rice!

Onion and Garlic

These healthy prawn crackers are loaded with onion and garlic. When cooked until perfectly crisp, they become a delicious healthy snack anytime.  Say goodbye to junk food. Welcome onion and garlic Besuto!

Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce Flavor)

Light and exotic at the same time, the Shoyu flavor brings out the best of Japanese cuisine.  Not too strong as their wasabi, Shoyu is the perfect partner for kinilaw or our local raw fish marinated in vinegar. It contains fresh shrimp, natural spice and seasoning.


Breakfast is a winner when there’s bacon on one’s plate.  With this new Besuto flavor, bacon is not only limited in the morning. Now, you can take bacon anytime and anywhere you so desire. Crunchy and high in protein, this bacon Besuto flavor gives the utmost fun without breaking the bank.


Skewered bits of meat, vegetables and other seafood balls are popular street food.  This barbecue Besuto flavor is no different.  It adds to the great satisfaction one gets from eating street food. The taste of grilled food found in these shrimp chips make this a winner.

Chicken with a Touch of Onion

Remember your grandmother’s tinola and the homespun goodness of chicken broth sautéed in garlic and onion. This chicken with a touch of onion Besuto crisp flavor isn’t so different from it. In taste and impact, this new flavor would go well with another chicken dish or firm, succulent vegetable dish like the chopsuey.

Fish Sauce and Curry

Unlike the common fish crackers peddled by hawkers in buses, this fish sauce and curry flavor has the refined taste of sea bass or lapu-lapu seasoned with the popular Indian spice of curry.  Blended well to suit the Filipino palate, these fish crackers make a good side dish and can be eaten with salads and creamy soup.

Squid Crackers

Craving for roasted squid? These Besuto squid crackers may just satisfy those cravings.  Each pack contains volumes of squid meat and fresh shrimp that have been caught fresh and combined into the mixture.   Allergen information: wheat, squid and shrimp.

Where to buy Besuto Prawn Crackers

Besuto prawn crackers line the shelves of top supermarkets in major cities.  If you are interested to buy Besuto prawn crackers in bulk or wholesale, please contact us.

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