An Exquisite Fusion of 12 Kropek Flavors

Welcome to the world of kropek Philippines — Besuto Prawn Crackers, where taste meets tradition in a symphony of exquisite flavors.  Our range of kropek chips offers a delightful experience that transcends the ordinary.  Dive into the heart of Filipino snacking culture and explore a diverse array of flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling with joy.



Original Flavor

The pale pink, angular crackers were invented as a way to draw the flavor from real seafood in light, crispy chips while preserving the taste and nutrition. Four decades later since the launch of the original uncooked flavor, Besuto

has become the people’s favorite snack food.

(Allergen information: contains wheat and shrimp)


Hot Spice Flavor

For those who crave a spicy kick, our kropek chips offer the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Remember your mom’s kaldereta? How about Bicol Express? What makes these dishes truly memorable is the hot spice that goes with a huge plate of steamy white rice!  

(Allergen information: contains wheat and shrimp)


Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce) Flavor

Light and exotic at the same time, the Shoyu flavor brings out the best of Japanese cuisine. Not too strong as their wasabi,  Shoyu is the perfect partner for kinilaw or our local raw fish marinated in vinegar. It contains fresh shrimp, natural spice and seasoning. (Contains fresh shrimp, natural spice, and seasoning)


Crab Flavor

Besuto’s crab crackers are a seafood lover’s dream. Made with real crab meat and an assortment of carefully selected ingredients, these crackers capture the essence of the ocean. Each bite is a journey into the depths of flavor, bringing you closer to the sea’s treasures. (Allergen information: contains wheat, crab meat, and shrimp)


Squid Flavor

Craving for roasted squid? These Besuto squid crackers may just satisfy those cravings.  Indulge in the taste of roasted squid with Besuto Squid Crackers. Each pack is a treasure trove of squid meat and fresh shrimp, artfully combined to create a satisfying snack. Dive into the ocean of flavors with every bite.

(Allergen information: contains wheat, squid, and shrimp)


Fish Sauce & Curry Flavor

Experience a refined twist on common fish crackers with the Fish Sauce and Curry Flavor. These crackers boast the elegance of sea bass or lapu-lapu, infused with the delightful essence of Indian curry spice. A perfect companion for salads and creamy soups, they elevate any dish to a whole new level.


Bacon Flavor

Breakfast is a winner when there’s bacon on one’s plate. With this new Besuto flavor, bacon is not only limited in the morning. Now, you can take bacon anytime and anywhere. Crunchy and high in protein, this bacon Besuto flavor gives the utmost fun without breaking the bank.


Pork Flavor

Indulge in the smoky, savory delight of lechon with this Besuto pork flavor!  Eating pork minus the heavy feeling is what this flavor brings to your plate.  Best enjoyed with liquor, softdrinks or coffee.

(Allergen information: contains wheat)


Barbecue Flavor

Skewered bits of meat, vegetables and other seafood balls are popular street food. This barbecue Besuto flavor is no different. It adds to the great satisfaction one gets from eating street food. The taste of grilled food found in these shrimp chips make this a winner. Let your taste buds revel in the symphony of flavors offered by Roasted Meat Barbecue Flavor.


Onion & Garlic Flavor

Savor the authentic goodness of the original uncooked cocktail snack, bursting with the natural flavors of onion and garlic. A classic favorite with no artificial additives.

(Allergen information: contains wheat)


Garlic & Soy flavor (Rainbow)

A popular mainstay in parties, this garlic and soy flavor features the multicolored variety and becomes the life of the party.

Standout green, pink, yellow, these Besuto prawn crackers bring instant cheer to anyone who gets his hands on them.


Chicken with a touch of onion


Reminisce about your grandmother’s comforting tinola with the Chicken with a touch of Onion Flavor. This Besuto crisp flavor captures the essence of chicken broth sautéed in garlic and onion. Pair it with chicken dishes or hearty vegetable creations like chopsuey. (Allergen information: contains wheat)

besuto original prawn crackers good with beer

Kropek Philippines: The Taste of Tradition

A World of Choices: Besuto's Flavorful Lineup

Each Besuto Prawn Cracker flavor is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence. We take immense pride in offering you not just snacks but a journey through the rich and diverse flavors of the Philippines.

Our prawn chips, shrimp crackers, fish crackers, crab and squid crackers plus other new flavors are the result of years of refinement, ensuring that every bite is an experience worth savoring.

Cant Decide on Which Besuto Flavor? Call us

From the heart of the Philippines to your table, Besuto Prawn Crackers are the ultimate snack experience. Dive into the flavors that define our culture and let your taste buds embark on a journey through tradition and innovation. Join us in celebrating the delicious fusion of flavors that is Besuto Prawn Crackers.

besuto hot spice flavor

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