Prawn Crackers Philippines: A Culinary Delight

In the world of Philippine cuisine, we have an undeniable fascination with flavors that are uniquely our own. From the aromatic lechon to the crispy delights of chicharon, our culinary heritage is a testament to our love for exceptional taste.  And among the many savory delights that grace our tables, there’s one that stands out—Besuto Prawn Crackers.

In the Philippines, prawn crackers have acquired a distinct flavor that sets them apart from other Southeast Asian varieties. This is due to the use of fresh local ingredients, as well as the Filipino preference for bold flavors.



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Tracing the Origins of Prawn Crackers Philippines

The history of  prawn crackers is a fascinating journey. While this popular snack is beloved throughout Southeast and East Asia, it has strong ties to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Legend has it that crushed prawn heads, leftovers from sumptuous feasts, were the key ingredient in the first batch of  krupuk or kropek.

Over time, the recipe evolved, incorporating the essence of various ingredients like fish, squid, rice, fruits, nuts, and vegetables to create a wide array of flavorful biscuits.

The Arrival of Prawn Crackers in the Philippines

Interestingly, kropek made its way to the Philippines long before some of our oldest culinary traditions were established.  It was brought to our shores by Malay settlers from neighboring islands before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century.

These settlers shared a recipe for a light, fluffy cracker made by blending crushed shrimp heads with flour, which was then sun-dried for that perfect crispness.

The Filipinos quickly adopted kropek chips, and they began to make their own unique versions of the snack.

Over time, the recipe evolved, and Filipinos incorporated the essence of shrimps to create a wide array of flavorful kropek chips.

Filipino Prawn Crackers: A Taste of Home

Our culinary heritage is indeed a world of its own, as observed by New York Times Food Editor Raymond Sokolov. Filipino cuisine is a harmonious fusion, a reflection of our ability to take ingredients and flavors from various cultures and make them our own.

Doreen Fernandez, the late food historian, beautifully described how we embraced external influences, adapted them, and indigenized them to satisfy our unique palates.

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The Filipino Flair for the Best Prawn Crackers

The Filipino prawn crackers are made with fresh, local shrimps, which gives it a more intense flavor than other Southeast Asian varieties. The Filipinos also prefer to use more spices in their kropek, which adds to the flavor complexity.

In addition, the Filipino prawn cracker is typically thicker and more dense than its Southeast Asian counterparts. This is due to the use of more flour and other additives, which help to bind the ingredients together.

What the Food Experts Say on Philippine Cuisine


On defining Filipinized Cuisine

The history and society that introduced and adapted them; the people who turned them to their tastes and accepted them into their homes and restaurants, and especially the harmonizing culture that combined them into contemporary Filipino fare.

Doreen Fernandez

Philippine Food Historian


What Makes PH Cuisine Unique

I’ve never encountered a food world more complex and diverse yet more of itself… a harmonious panoply cobbled together from everywhere and transmuted, Filipinized into a comestible alloy with its own special properties.

Raymond Sokolov

New York Times Food Editor

Filipino Prawn Crackers: Tracing the Culinary Heritage

In this rich tapestry of flavors, Besuto Prawn Crackers have carved a special place. These prawn crackers have transcended social boundaries, captivating both the rich and the humble.

Much like the popular chicharon, Besuto Prawn Crackers are not just standalone snacks.  They are integral to our staple dishes. Whether enjoyed on their own or used as a topping to enhance dishes like adobo, seafood fried rice, gado-gado, or tuna canapés,  Besuto Prawn Crackers have become a beloved part of our culinary heritage.

 Spreading  Joy through the Best Filipino Prawn Crackers

Besuto Prawn Crackers go beyond satisfying our taste buds. They have the power to make us happy. When consumed, they trigger the release of “feel-good” chemicals like endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. It’s no wonder that these prawn crackers are often described as addictive.

Continuing the Filipino Prawn Crackling Tradition

Besuto Prawn Crackers proudly carry the torch of Filipino culinary excellence. With their unique taste and versatility, they continue to find a special place in the hearts and palates of Filipinos, both at home and abroad.  Join us in celebrating this flavorful tradition and savor the taste of Besuto Prawn Crackers, a true Filipino culinary gem.

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