Prawn Crackers Nutrition FAQs

Nowadays, the nutritional value of prawn crackers is an important consideration when buying for your family. People are more conscious of what goes into their diet. Hence, to speak of high protein snacks and prawn cracker calories has become common among millennials and young chefs.

These are more important to mothers who not only look after the nutrition in their children’s diet but also make sure they will eat what they are served. We covered the FAQs here.

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Are prawn crackers good for weight loss? What about the Kropek Calories?

Besuto prawn crackers are indeed a mindful choice for those conscious of their calorie intake. Compared to the traditional high-calorie snacks like buttered popcorn or cheese-flavored potato chips, Besuto prawn crackers are lower in saturated fat. 

The NHS (UK) recommends reducing saturated fat to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Prawns, a key ingredient in Besuto, contain minimal saturated fat. 

However, the kropek calories in the prawn crackers are found in the amount of oil used to deep fry them.  It is important to note that prawn crackers are a snack food, and they should not be eaten as a substitute for a balanced diet.

So, there’s a way of taking Besuto as a satisfying snack without the guilt if you follow the conditions above.

Are there prawns in prawn crackers?

Yes, you can trust that there’s real shrimp in every Besuto Prawn Cracker. Prawns, commonly known as shrimps, are aquatic crustaceans, and they are a key component of  prawn cracker Besuto.

That’s why you enjoy the genuine taste of shrimp in every bite — it’s not just flavoring. It’s real shrimp!  It’s the presence of these real prawns that give every Besuto cracker its distinct taste and flavor.

Are prawn crackers high in protein?

Yes, prawn crackers, especially Besuto Prawn Crackers, are a high-quality source of protein. Prawns are rich in essential amino acids, making them an excellent choice for supporting proper cellular function and muscle health. The real presence of shrimps in Besuto prawn crackers provides valuable protein (about 15 grams per 100 grams) setting them apart from traditional, less nutrient-dense, high-calorie snacks.


Prawn Crackers Nutrition:  What really are the benefits of prawn crackers?

Prawn crackers nutrition, you asked?  Yes, we ensure that each Besuto prawn cracker flavor is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence. And with that comes our responsibility to provide an enjoyable snack that’s also substantial.  

As proof and stamp of  legitimacy of the nutritional value of our prawn crackers, we  registered them with the Philippines’  Food and Drug Administration (FDA).    Besuto prawn crackers are given this category: “low risk food products,”  according to FDA.

Needless to say,  our prawn chips have been added other seafood ingredients to deliver the best-tasting shrimp crackers (the original flavor),  fish crackers, squid, crackers, and crab crackers to date.  

And to give more protein to the diet, we also introduced the meaty favorites:  bacon, pork, chicken and barbecue.  

Herbs such as onion, garlic and spices such as shoyu, chilli and the milder soya have their own pride of place in the variety of Besuto flavors. Like the rest of seafood and meat chips, they, too, have real prawns (or local shrimps) in every chip.

They are the result of years of refinement, ensuring that every bite is an experience worth savoring.



Locally Sourced

All ingredients used in the production of Besuto are locally sourced. That’s reduced carbon footprint and we helped our local farmers and fisherfolk when harvesting the seafood.

Prawns are good for your heart

Selenium—a trace mineral important for cognitive and immune function—is most abundant in seafood.   Shellfish are also rich sources of B vitamins, which help support nerve structure and cell function.

Are there allergens in prawns?

Yes, prawns belong to the group of 14 common allergens, with crustaceans like prawns being one of them. If you have shellfish allergies that may lead to severe allergic reactions, it’s best to avoid consuming Besuto Prawn Crackers or any products containing prawns.

Are prawn crackers fattening?

Prawn crackers can be fattening if eaten in excess. They are high in calories and carbohydrates due to the starch found in the cassava and the amount of oil used in deep frying.  Moreover, they can contribute to weight gain if eaten regularly.

Nonetheless, prawn crackers are a good source of protein and Omega-3.  If you eat them in moderation and combined in a dish,  they can be part of a healthy diet.

While Besuto prawn crackers may contain some saturated fat due to cooking oil and carbohydrates from starch content, they are best enjoyed in moderation as occasional treats rather than a main source of nutrition.

What do you eat with prawn crackers?

We’ve curated a menu of delicious Asian recipes on our website that pair perfectly with Besuto Prawn Crackers. These recipes are thoughtfully chosen to complement the taste and texture of the crackers, enhancing your culinary experience.

What are some ways can you recommend in deriving the most benefits in prawn crackers?

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy Besuto Prawn Crackers:

  • Serve them as a snack with your favorite dipping sauce.
  • Add them to a salad for a crunchy and flavorful topping.
  • Use them as a garnish for your favorite dish.
  • Make a seafood stir-fry and add Besuto Prawn Crackers for a delicious and crispy texture.
  • Enjoy them as a party snack with your friends and family.

How long do prawn crackers last?

Each package of Besuto Prawn Crackers comes with a manufacturing date and an expiration date. As long as the crackers remain uncooked, stored in a cool, dry place preferably in an airtight container  protected from household pests, and within the specified period between manufacturing and expiration dates, Besuto crackers stay fresh and ready for frying. However, we recommend consuming them promptly after frying for the best taste and texture.

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Prawn Cracker Nutrition that matters

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From the kitchen to your table, Besuto Prawn Crackers are the ultimate snack experience which comes with the full benefits of shellfish. Dive into the flavors that define our culture and let your taste buds embark on a journey through tradition and innovation